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  • Pastor Bob Willard

Unearthing the Hidden Value of Work: Insights from Matthew 13:44-46

A man named Mr Finn who died at 90 a couple years ago, wrote about the hidden

treasure chest in a self-published memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase” in 2010 and provided clues to the location in 24 cryptic verses of a poem. So he

buried it and then this college student, 32 years old actually was the one that found it, worth $2 million. How amazing is that?

Today, our parable comes from Matthew 13:44-46. This is another one of those I always

find it interesting that that Jesus tells us what the kingdom of Heaven is like. The

Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure buried in a field when a man

found it, he hid it again and then in his joy, he went and sold all he had and

bought that field. Here in Matthew, in these series of parables, Jesus is telling his disciples in private, not to the 5,000. Therefore, they're getting some insight here into into what the Kingdom of Heaven is like and and how they should respond. Here is some of that insight from my perspective:

  1. Rethink how you view sacrifice.

Sometimes we think that the sacrifice to follow Christ sometimes looks like you can’t go out and live like you want and do crazy stuff. Sometimes I want to be careful when I say we have to give up things because to really follow Christ you need to give up drinking excessive amounts of alcohol but is that really giving up anything? You’re giving up throwing up in the toilet and having a hangover the next day.

But sometimes there are some sacrifices involved in following Christ. You don't always get to do what you want to do. Sometimes God asks you to do things that you may not necessarily want to do. God may be asking you to to start a ministry or do something great or go be a missionary to Africa. Sometimes there’s sacrifices but you know are those sacrifices really comparable to the great value? The man who found the treasure

in the field sold everything he had to go back and buy the field. It was worth everything that was within him. Our relationship with Jesus should be worth everything also.

2. Find joy and value in your work.

The man who found the treasure was so joyful that he found it. The college student who found the $2 million treasure in the Rocky Mountains was so overjoyed when he discovered it. The great sacrifice comes out of joy, not obligation.

Why would a Christian be willing to be a missionary and go to Africa? Because of the great joy of their salvation.

Why would a follower of Christ be willing to uh to give up 10% of their income or more? Most people in our world say, “I ain't giving you nothing. I worked hard for all those nickels. I’m keeping every last one of them!” But why would Christians be willing to give and be generous? It's not obligation; it's because of joy! They’re joyful because of their relationship with Jesus Christ and the eternal life that they have as a


Why would a worship leader be willing to get up here and joyfully play music share his talent with us every single week when when he'd much rather be at

home in bed?

We joyfully give of our time, our talent, our treasures because of the value of the relationship with Jesus Christ and the eternal life we experience from Him.

We all need to find our joy if we're going to live this life if of a Christ follower.

You need to find joy in it or it's going to be drudgery. I think that we need to find our joy in Jesus Christ and in our Salvation in order to make the work we do, the sacrifices we made worth it.

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