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About Us

Pastor Bob and Judy ~


Previously, Bob had been a Naval Officer and has worked in the private sector for numerous years in purchasing and finance for a large manufacturing plant. Bob moved his family all over the United States for more money and promotions. As he sat in a corporate apartment all alone, he realized that the call on his life was greater than any money or promotion could fulfill.

Bob had heard from the Lord that he was to go into full-time ministry. Bob finally stopped running from that call.



After being in ministry and participating in several inner city mission’s trips, it was very apparent to Pastor Bob that the Lord was calling his whole family into inner city missions work. After three years of seeking, the Lord has lead us to Cleveland! 

Mission's Statement

     We love God and have a PASSION to reach the inner city of Cleveland for Christ. To win souls for the Kingdom by loving people and showing them James 2:16 in action.


     God has placed in our hearts a vision to reach the people of inner-city Cleveland, specifically the East Side. This once thriving urban area is now ravaged by unemployment, homelessness, crime, gangs, drugs and prostitution. We have a desire to love on the people. To share fellowship with them, offer them opportunity, and promote living a Christian life. Then to raise up leaders and teach them to do the same.

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